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My name is Serene Wilken, and with over 20 years of experience, I love helping people discover movement and feel empowered. In this Foundations program, you will learn how to move your body with control which is critical no matter what your fitness goals are. Learning the skill of body control is a huge game-changer especially if you are trying to build your physique from a strong foundation. With Foundations, the search for a balanced full-body program is over. You no longer have to do random online workouts that don't enhance your movement skills. Instead, imagine feeling empowered after your workout ready to conquer the day. Foundations will guide you through a mind-body practice while teaching you about proper exercise form. After training hundreds of clients, I have applied what works to develop strength, mind-body connection, and mobility within one program.


Serene gives you an incredible workout!

Marian S.

"She is excellent at explaining, and helping, how to get your body in the right form. She is also really great at cueing you as you go through a specific sequence, and--this is so important in Pilates--using different analogies to get the student in the right position. If one explanation doesn't click, she seems to have endless ideas on how to explain different positions. She is so warm, friendly, and kind. She gives you an incredible workout, and is very motivating and always positive and encouraging."

What an awesome experience!

Itai B.

"The whole Pilates experience with Serene is enjoyable and rewarding. After practicing with about 10-15 instructors in the past, I can say that Serene is one of the best that I had and I whole-heartedly recommend practicing Pilates with her...One great thing that stands out for me about Serene is that there's never a boring routine."

I can't live without it!

Samantha W.

" Serene is the best. I've had a variety of personal trainers over the last 8 years, and I was skeptical of Pilates, but now I can't live without it. She has helped me increase my core strength, and has helped me work through injury and pain."

First-class all around!

Aubree J.

"Serene is hands down the best pilates instructor I've ever had. She knows exactly what she is doing, gives individual attention, and is a great and kind motivator. First-class all around!"

Inspiring Workouts That Deliver Results

Feel great, look amazing, and fall in love with moving your body

  • Full-Body Workouts

    15 weeks of Pilates and full-body resistance workouts that build a stronger physique. Beginners welcome!

  • Video Tutorials

    Over 100 video tutorials including detailed exercise instruction. Serene demonstrates proper form as well as how to progress exercises with bodyweight and resistance.

  • Limited Equipment

    All exercises use minimal equipment which makes it an easy go-to option for your at-home workout program.

Pilates, Resistance Training & Mobility

1 Month, 3 Months and 1 Year Subscription Options (select at checkout)